Vulnerability assessment, also known as vulnerability analysis is the process in which vulnerabilities of a system are identified, quantified, and prioritized (or ranked). Vulnerability in a system causes threat to its environment that directly affects the usability of the infrastructure. With vulnerability assessment tools it becomes easier to discover the existing risks. However, the tools are not actively involved in identifying the difference between flaws that can be exploited to cause damage and those that cannot.

By having vulnerability scanners, companies get intimation about the pre-existing errors of codes and their location. The penetration tests exploit the system vulnerabilities in order to determine if unauthorized access or other malicious activity can be evaded. The test also identifies the flaws that pose a threat to the application.

The changing IT scenario is bringing up new and complex internet security challenges for various organizations. The risk of conducting business transactions over the internet can trap you with vulnerabilities and threats apparent in the most unexpected place, and at the least expected hour.

It is highly essential to address these challenges by outlining appropriate security policies, application of the controls and timely review & supervision of the controls to ensure protection of organizational information. In this respect, the vulnerability assessment and penetration (VAPT) audits must be conducted periodically to check compliance with the definite industry policy, the controls and adequacy of these controls that help to overcome the threats.

Why VAPT is needed?

  • To identify factors responsible for cyber crime.
  • To avoid hacking and misuse of hosted data
  • To identify high risk loopholes in the system
  • To identify security weakness of your web platform

VAPT Benefits

As compared to the standard single test, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) provide highly comprehensive application evaluation to companies. Using the VAPT approach gives organizations a more detailed view of the threats and malicious attacks that their systems, applications and data may be facing. The VAPT approach also gives the respite to organizations that any flaw that may be occurring in applications from third-party vendors or in-house software can be easily fixed once found. With the assistance of a VAPT provider, companies can discover and classify vulnerabilities, while their IT security team can focus on mitigating critical vulnerabilities. What you can achieve from VAPT:

  • Comprehensive Testing for Applications and Networks
  • Identification of weakest link in the chain and Provide evidence that verifies the possibility of exploiting the vulnerabilities found.
  • Elimination of false positives and prioritize real threats
  • Detection of attack paths missed through manual testing. Facilitates regular and frequent scans
  • Secures against business logic flaws and closing all windows of opportunity for intruders.
  • Facilitating regular and frequent scans

The expertise we have with VAPT services allows us to access your network and servers against the known vulnerability criteria. These tests also help us to test against scenarios that can lead to system failure. We prepare custom vulnerability assessment structure for companies to assist them in implementation of mitigation solutions and configuration of IT infrastructure.

RIM Guru's Edge

  • Includes a plethora of tests
  • Identifies the best fix and workaround for your problem
  • Reports to render findings at a high level to identify major risk areas and prioritize corrective measures to enable clear decision making
  • Multiple tools assessment to ensure accurate findings and eliminate the risk of false positives

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