Abridge The Migration!!

Have you made your mind to migrate and don't know from where to start? Don't worry; our team of experts can assist you to migrate your applications, databases, emails, domains, hosting and physical & virtual infrastructure more quickly and without disruption.

In information technology, migration is no simple task. It is a major challenge when it comes to performing various tasks with minimal or no down time. We will walk you through the steps that we take to help you confidently transfer your infrastructure from your existing provider to another operating environment.

The concern of moving data to the cloud or between cloud environments is further exaggerated if the data is to be stored and managed remotely, by external organizations and in multiple locations. Leveraging to in-depth knowledge and expertise, RIM Guru is instrumental in comprehensively solving these issues with thorough consideration of your data privacy, application portability, data integrity, business continuity, and most importantly data security.

Considering the complexity of Information technology, the costs of maintaining it are prevalently increasing with time. Companies are often saddled by managing the in-house infrastructure and upgrading with time. The current scenario forces every business to do less with more and to multiply the return on investment throughout the operation.

Migration of infrastructure comes with many complexities as below:

  • Changing hardware platoform
  • Vendor expertese with applications
  • Security is an obvious threshold question
  • Data integrity


RIM Guru offers unique advantages that address the specific pain points of migration. The optimized approach that we follow helps facilitate businesses with an efficient migration process and even prepares for efficient management of unforeseen interruptions. Our engineers help you to achieve:

  • Improved Stability
  • Improved availability
  • Lower costs
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Most importantly - Peace of mind

With our in-depth knowledge, we guide you to get the best out of your IT systems by managing the risks. Our meticulous team of Engineers explains the process in detail to ensure that the existing system is optimally utilized and new technology is used to transform your business.

  • Get the right balance - Our engineers help you to diligently manage change across the organization that includes people, processes and technology. We also make sure that you receive impeccable migration results in one go.
  • Minimised risks with migrations - We assess your systems, inform about possible risks and bring in recovery methods.
  • Reduce costs - We ensure more with least efforts and reduced expenses.
  • Smooth migration/Transition - The proximity of working with you provides the opportunity to our experts to manage the process from start to finish with minimum disruptions. Our detailed plan for a flawless result includes roles, responsibilities and quality checks.

Migration Phases/Activities

  • Planning - Validation of source and destination rediness.
  • Scheduling - Determination of data and migration groups.
  • Pre-migration - Migration tools testing, verification and validation of destination platform
  • Execution - Starting from Pilot migration, followed by production migration, validation and UAT.

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