The fast paced market trend and rise in technologies are rapidly changing the global IT landscape. Future-enabled information technology is transforming the business world as a key enabler and as a source of advantage. To achieve high performance, IT transformation follows the dynamics of "moving the performance dial" and achieving a "step change" in capabilities of and for the organization. RIM Guru has profound experience with IT systems transformation programs for organizations, which includes changes or upgrades in network architecture, hardware, software and data storage & access.

With service providers widely recognizing the benefits of third party expertise in specific domain competency and aiding specific business issue analysis, delivering cost effective approaches to transformation has become easier.

Few of them are as follows:

  • Lower cost of ownership - upto 30 %
  • Improved returns on the investment
  • Better and improved quality of services
  • Hassle-free management
  • Improved post migration processes and management


RIM Guru’s customer-centric IT transformation solution aligns your infrastructure with your business objectives. The analytics-led IT transformation framework transforms your IT infrastructure to a more efficient and optimized IT infrastructure.

We help you derive the following:

  • Minimum infrastructure footprint
  • Optimum utilization of the IT resources
  • Faster disaster recovery
  • Reduced complexities and improved customer experience
  • Improved financial management and lowered operating risk

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