RIMGuru,is the de-facto Guru of Infrastructure hosting services. It aspires to be a global leader focused on monitoring and infrastructure security and related operations to ensure reliability, quality and security. Our technology solutions cover the entire gamut of services that include Monitoring, Enterprise Cloud Backup, Managed IT services, Hosting services.

At RIM Guru, we have a strategic value proposition, which helps our customers maximize results from the core of their business i.e. IT infrastructure. Understanding the fact that IT infrastructure is the key enabler to business success, we are the Gurus at understanding your business needs and conceptualizing, architecting and hosting your IT infrastructure as well as monitoring.

Owing to our expertise, we encourage our clients to focus on their key business while leaving the drudgery and monotony associated with the upkeep of their IT infrastructure to us; while simultaneously saving resources and money which can be at invested in innovation that is instrumental in taking their business to the next level. We are also at the forefront to make our clients’ current operations efficient and affordable.

RIM Guru is well positioned to help business leaders address the transformative forces by leveraging our rich industry experience, technology know-how, extensive portfolio of flexible services and vertically aligned business paradigm.